Chihayafuru Live Action
Some news! With the release of Chihayafuru tankoubon Vol. 27 recently, they announced the production of the Live Action movie! Ugh I have a bad feeling of this. I love the manga and anime so much, but I doubt it's gonna be good. Most of live action adaptions of manga/anime I like are always crap. Except Rurouni Kenshin. Applause for the director. No less for someone who has the experience in Hollywood, huh?

my current addictions
so many.. but first: JJ Lin's new album! yea.. I don't often hear mandarin songs, but JJ Lin is the only exception. He's good! >_<

JJ Lin Latest Album: Stories Untold

Second: Sukiyaki. It's fall in aussie now, perfect for hot pot :) and it's so easy to make, and healthy :)

sukiyaki nabe

Third: XXXHolic TV Drama. I mean.. finally! usually I hate film adaptation, but they did a good work with this drama! the music, atmosphere, casts,, even the opening theme is also sung by Suga Shikao! The only flaws are, unlike in the comic, the drama erases all comical scenes, and oh how I hate the girl who plays Hinamori. Well.. not like I liked Hinamori in the comic tho..

XXXHOLiC TV Drama Winter 2012-13

Review of Your Eyes & Face Down Singles

I'd say overall, I like Face Down single better. I really love the track ひとりじゃないさ (Limited Ed.) and also 目指した未来へ (Regular Ed.). The whole tracks in Face Down single satisfy me! I'll give it 10/10!

On the other hand, in the Your Eyes single, I only like 'Your Eyes' track only. The others songs are not really my cup of tea. But I think 'Voice' from the limited ed. isn't really bad either. I might start liking it from now on, maybe... For now I'll only give it 7/10.

First Day of Exam... Finished!
okay, so first day of exam is over.. still anxious.. but screw it! I'm waiting for KagiHeya 08! XD

Hotaru No Hikari
waaaah... This dorama is actually watchable even though it's love comedy. well, because the usual me hates love story the most! maybe because of fujiki naohito-san? kakkoi naa.. I liked him since 1L of namida, love him in Saigo no Yakusoku (ARASHI SP Dorama), love him in Mikeneko (Aiba's dorama)! Aah.. I know this dorama is pretty old. Cuz it's 2007 dorama. Hehe, but I feel lucky. Cuz I can watch the second season without waiting (released in 2010) and also the movie is comin soon! (june 2012, maybe the dvd will be out in 2013?) And Tegoshi Yuya from NEWS will be in the movie! KYAA!! SAKURA-NANTOKA!!!! Saikou!!

and a little sneak peak pics for the movie....

change of atmosphere
I just changed my Theme. how is it? ^__^
It's winter in Melbourne now. Everything seems so dark as everyone wearing dark clothes. So, I thought this new layout will brighten up my mood a bit :)

Arrgh.. Exams are comin in two weeks, and I still can't get away from ARASHI! Especially because of KagiHeya every week, how can I concentrate with my study?! ToT

Riida.. suki da!
while I'm at it, I wanna share the cuteness (or hot-ness?) of RIIDA!

YATTA! finally ARASHI Live Tour Beautiful Word DVD is released! but I'm waiting for the korean version. It'll be released next month at 11th. wait.. or 6th? anyway... really can't wait for my own copy! ,,>____<,,

Merry Christmas 2011
I know this is I little bit too late.. But,, hey.. christmas is still in the air! Merry christmas everyone!! XD

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