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Hotaru No Hikari
waaaah... This dorama is actually watchable even though it's love comedy. well, because the usual me hates love story the most! maybe because of fujiki naohito-san? kakkoi naa.. I liked him since 1L of namida, love him in Saigo no Yakusoku (ARASHI SP Dorama), love him in Mikeneko (Aiba's dorama)! Aah.. I know this dorama is pretty old. Cuz it's 2007 dorama. Hehe, but I feel lucky. Cuz I can watch the second season without waiting (released in 2010) and also the movie is comin soon! (june 2012, maybe the dvd will be out in 2013?) And Tegoshi Yuya from NEWS will be in the movie! KYAA!! SAKURA-NANTOKA!!!! Saikou!!

and a little sneak peak pics for the movie....


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