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my current addictions
so many.. but first: JJ Lin's new album! yea.. I don't often hear mandarin songs, but JJ Lin is the only exception. He's good! >_<

JJ Lin Latest Album: Stories Untold

Second: Sukiyaki. It's fall in aussie now, perfect for hot pot :) and it's so easy to make, and healthy :)

sukiyaki nabe

Third: XXXHolic TV Drama. I mean.. finally! usually I hate film adaptation, but they did a good work with this drama! the music, atmosphere, casts,, even the opening theme is also sung by Suga Shikao! The only flaws are, unlike in the comic, the drama erases all comical scenes, and oh how I hate the girl who plays Hinamori. Well.. not like I liked Hinamori in the comic tho..

XXXHOLiC TV Drama Winter 2012-13


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