Tegomass: Tegomass No Mahou
Okay.. So I've been away from J-Pop from quite a time. I've been busy with college. But now, summer holiday! YAY! I'm trying to catch up with 'every-J-Pop-thing' (LOL)! So.. when I browsed the net, I found some bad news and good news. The bad is.. YamaP and Ryo quit NEWS! NANDE!!!?? T^T and Akanishi quit KAT-TUN (Well.. That one I could vaguely tell). The good news.. Wait for it.... Tegomass 3rd Album! YATTA!!! It was released like.. 1-2 months ago? Okay. so It may not be new for you guys, but I'm really surprised with this! Cuz I'm Tego's big fan! I'm still waiting my album from Yesasia. whether I'll up them here later/not, I still dunno.. In the meantime, here's Mahou No Melody PV that I found in YouTube.. All credits go to the uploader 'Tegoreen'

J-Pop or K-Pop.. So which side is me? I'd say both. They have their each different traits, which I like/don't. Most of J-Pop songs has very meaningful lyrics. Let's say... ARASHI (I LOVE ARASHI :P). Their songs 'Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono', 'Everything', 'Aozora PEDAL', the lyrics are so poetic. Don't ask me about K-Pop lyrics. Most of them don't really have meanings. Like Super Junior 'Bonamana' or F(X) 'Nu Abo'. The good point about K-Pop is the music are very up-beat and the dance is good. I mean, so good. Even you don't know the lyrics you just feel want to dance and sing along. 

Don't get me wrong. I love both J-Pop and K-Pop. I'm just being critical. So which fan are you: K-Pop or J-Pop, or both? ^__^


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